International Women's Day 2020

International Women’s Day is yet another wonderful opportunity to promote gender equality, as part of the fight for human rights in general.

We at Delta Galil are proud of our significant female representation, including in management positions and positions of influence, and are proud of the fact that since its inception, the company vision has included promoting diversity and inclusion as a significant value in strengthening our resilience.

Each year, the World Economic Forum publishes the Gender Equality Index, which considers topics such as: the rate of women’s participation in the work force in general and in “future skills” in particular, female representation in politics and centers of power, wage gaps, and more. The latest survey dated December 2019 presents a complex picture. It is encouraging to see that more countries are investing resources and even creating regulatory intervention to reduce past injustices, but at the same time, issues of wage equality and promotion opportunities, representation in politics, the business sector, high-tech and technology ventures – all these are still far from balance, and despite hope and optimism we are still living in a reality full of harassment, violence and female exploitation.

The past decade produced continuous improvement in almost all parameters, raised awareness to the struggle in public and virtual spaces, brought new levels of influence, the concept of female beauty in the fashion world has changed and we see recognition of the positive effects diversity carries.

This new age is blurring gender differences, and in my opinion, creates potential for a female advantage to close gaps at a faster rate than before. The expectation from the younger generations to enjoy leisure time, encourages an array of occupational flexibility solutions, the traditional family-roles in which women bear most burdens, is not necessarily unique to mothers, while “games rules” are changing and organizations are looking for ‘soft skills’, such as- interpersonal communication and collaboration, typically characterized by women.

We are at the beginning of a new decade, full of opportunities, let’s not leave the responsibility for promoting the issue of gender equality and equality in general, to the state, municipalities, educational institutions or our workplace.

We have the power to influence reality, accelerate change, promote culture and initiatives which encourage equal rights to different communities and sectors, and of course to not tolerate violence of any kind. As women, we must stand up for our rights, dare to go far with our agendas, choose to say “yes” to opportunities and promote ourselves.

I wish each of you to always stand for your voice, and to influence the creation of the life you want for yourself.


Einat Amitay SVP Global Human Resources