Delta Galil European Brands

EU Division: Growing Independent Labels

During Delta Galil’s fourth decade, while focusing on global growth and expansions, the company made a strategic move and acquired two leading European brands, which paved the path for Delta to enter new markets throughout the continent.


In 2012 the company acquired Schiesser, a leading European underwear company from Germany.

The Schiesser operational division deals with development, design, manufacturing, and marketing of underwear and activewear for men, women and children, under the Schiesser label. The brand is sold in Germany and other Western European countries, at Schiesser stores, and at various retail chains.  

Eminence Group

In 2018 the company acquired the Eminence Group, which consisted of the Eminence, Athena and Liabel brands that were distributed in France in over 80 department stores and more than 1000 retail shops. Worldwide, Eminence brands are sold by high-quality retailers in Belgium, Spain, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa and countries in Western Africa, Japan, Lebanon, and more.