“The shaping solution for every occasion, for women of all shapes and sizes.”

The Seamless Shaping Underwear

Australian label Nearly Nude was created in 2005 by Lucy Hosken, a magazine industry veteran who grew tired of searching for the perfect shaping underwear that could be worn under low cut and sheer tops. Her vision led to the creation of the popular underwear label, today’s go-to brand for women seeking both quality and comfort.

Seamless, Sleek, Thinvisible

The brand’s vision from day one was to create an adaptable and luxurious everyday underwear line. The goal was reached by offering a wide range of classic, feminine, and comfortable garments, created under two main collections - Seamless Essentials and Thinvisible Cotton, a unique spandex-based solution. Each piece is created with the highest quality fabrics, made for durability, longevity, and versatility.

Shapewear and Beyond

Over the years, Nearly Nude has grown a loyal global following, as it became available in boutiques around the world. It had succeeded in becoming the shaping solution for every occasion, for women of all shapes and sizes, everywhere. The brand was acquired by Delta Galil in 2010, adding the prestigious shapewear label to the corporation’s growing list of quality underclothing brands.

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